About Us

Our Story

We started out with knowledge gained from over 20 years of cooperate experiences in various Management and Project Management roles, as well as, operating as a Director of Music under the founder of an International Christian Fellowship. We learned every aspect of the business of producing music, events and project managing. From there we've planned and produced from very small to large music projects and various types of events. The magnitude of national administration is what led us into our task driven planning and production processes. No matter how big or small the event or musical production, our approach proves it's validity over and over. We have over 30 years experience in the business, but we continue to explore new ways to improve.

Our Approach

Our approach, philosophy, and vision in event planning is to take companies events and turn them in to business productions. We want to enable businesses to expand their marketability by creating their own platform to market their products and services. A great way to do this is to host your own Product and Service Conference.  We also believe that music sets the emotional and spiritual order for any event in life. The nature of producing music and events is to paint the picture of our customer's imagination. What drives our business is our passion for expressing our customer's intent. What's unique about your process is our project managing approach to production. We build a storybook of intent and task through each page front to back. We use various business solutions such as online Project Management tools and years of learned Quality Management methodologies to drive event plans into successful events.  (i.e. Lean Six Sigma) We utilize an array of talented and gifted people to accomplish specialty tasks.  Our ability to generate customized production from our customer's point of view is what sets us apart from others in the industry.

Meet the Team

Our team are professionals and passionate about what they do. They have educational, business, and musical backgrounds.

Sam Thomas, Founder

Sam Thomas

Founder & Managing Member

National Director of Music and Project Officer with Masters in MIS, Bachelor in Business Administration and a heavy IT, event planning and project managing background. Gifted Musician from birth.

Erick Matthews

Erick Matthews

Song Writer, Producer, and Partner

National Recording Artist, Song Writer, and Producer of several projects. Erick and his company Gumbo Entertainment are premier partners of SAM Production, LLC.  Erick has a life time of industry experience and applied knowledge in production.  More info on Erick at www.gumboent.com

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Kia Bradford-Thomas

Kia Bradford-Thomas

Managing Member

Administrator extraordinaire event planner with a legal educational background and risk Analyst experience and a Talented Singer and performer.

Debbie Whitson Wilson

Debbie Wilson

Executive Administrative Advisor

Administrator extraordinaire event planner and onsite event manager with over 25 years of administrative coordinating experience. Debbie has a BS in Business and Human Resources and several production events under her belt, from master planning concerts, weddings, and various types of entertainment platforms and venues. Very fortunate to have her on our team.

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Professional Musician, Producer, Classical and Jazz Pianist. Studio musician, beats, and track producer. He has a wealth of music technology and sound editing skills.


Tamarah Reynolds

Web Design & IT Specialist

Web design specialist with an extensive background in Information Technology who has worked in Information Technology for over 15 years. In 2016, started her own IT Design and Implementation Company name B.I.T.S (BestekIT Solutions, LLC) which is located in Birmingham, AL. Proficient in project management and serves as the Marketing Specialist to indie artist Shannon G. Visit her website www.bestekit.com for more information.

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