Music Production

We have over 12 years in professional producing, recording, and publishing musical projects. We partner with some of the best musicians and producers on the planet. You can trust us to make it happen for you.

Music Management

When it comes to Musician and Artist Management, we possess Project Managing process and talented business people. Our people background covers a broad spectrum, from IT professionals to Legal professionals. Let us get the job done for you.

Event Planning and Production

No matter what the event is, an unbiased professional planner and well capable passionate producer will set your event apart. This is what we do. Let us help you maximize your next event.


Let us set the stage for you, whether you are wanting to set up a huge convention or a small party, we have hands-on experience and a task driven philosophy to bring your imagination to fruition.  We specialize in music production for events, but we also have extensive experience in just about any type of event production and planning. Be sure and contact to inquire on any pertinent service you may need, we likely offer it.

Just to list a few or our Solutions

  • Music and Stage Production for events, church events, conventions, meetings, parties, weddings, festivals, etc.
  • Strategic Event Planning and Services.
  • Mobile Studio - We bring our Mobile Studio to you.  Contact us for more details on how this works.
  • Recorded events editing and reproductions (This service is gear toward Churches and Meetings that do not have the resources to edit and reproduce services recording.)
  • Cassette Tape to Digital or CD media
  • Virtual Piano Lessons - Teaching Students Online Lessons. Contact us for more details on this service.
  • Introduction to PA Sound Engineering Training
  • Studio Track Mixing - Professional Mixing Studio Tracks
  • CD Reproduction - reproduction of CD Masters
  • Musical Workshops - Onsite Musical Workshops
  • Vocal Coaching and Studio Vocal Prep
  • Artist Mentoring and Development
  • Webmaster Websites (This service is geared Musical Artist, Bands, and Events)
  • Commercial and Advertisement Jingle Production

Saving Time is Saving Money

If music or event production is not your profession, don't bother re-inventing the wheel. Let the professionals of SAM Productions produce your music or event for you.

Next Steps...

Call or email us today. It's always best to plan your plan and work your plan. The sooner the better.